loran main console

from left / 1st row:
sample/hold, 3 LFOs, waveform-processor, ringmodulator

2nd row:
3 VCOs, each with VD digital oscillator, VC-mixer (allows wavesequencing)

3rd row:
3 graphic generators (the position of the sliders shows the waveform), digital delay with karplus-strong modul

4th row:
3 harmonic generators (produces the first 8 sine-harmonics & the first 7 cosine-harmonics as stepped waveforms, the loudness of the harmonics is voltage-controllable), shepard function generator

5th row:
3 VCFs each with ADSR, reverb-module, stereo-chorus

6th row:
4 VCAs each with ADSR, filterbank, output-module

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