ruediger lorenz - rudiger lorenz - rüdige

loran modular

565 knobs, 111 sliders, 869 sockets, 27 VCOs: who needs more?

circuits: Paia, Formant, Digisound, Doepfer and some of my own

loran modular [close-up] - main console - middle console

upper console [from left]:
CV-Mixer/ Processor, Odd/ Even, Divider, Inverter/ Gate Delay,
Pseudo random Generator, 2 x 8 ADSRs, VC-Filterbank,
External Input, 2 Phaser

more about loran modular in
Peter Forrest: the A-Z Of Analogue Synthesizers,
Part One: A-M [revised],
ISBN: 0952437724, p.254

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